LBS Giving Day

11/09/2021 18:00

All In for LBS

Welcome to our Giving Day! This is an opportunity for alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff to join forces in celebrating Lancaster Baptist School and make a significant impact that is proven by our combined support. With your help we can achieve our mission to give students the opportunity to enjoy a world class education and help them achieve their academic and personal potential.

Join us! Let's show what we can accomplish when we all give together for 1,440 minutes during our giving day!

Find a cause you’re passionate about

Classroom Expansion and Renovation

One of the biggest needs for LBS is improved and expanded classroom space. Giving to this cause will help us provide new classroom furnishings including desks, chairs, lecterns, and storage, as well as new classroom equipment including whiteboards, bulletin boards, and technology. In addition, with funding we will be able to renovated classrooms with upgraded lighting, flooring, doors, and windows and expand classroom space to allow for more room for students and teachers.


Locker Bay Upgrades and Replacement

Our secondary students deserve a secure space to keep their belongings. Giving to this cause will help us expand, repair, and upgrade our student lockers thus creating a clean, neat, and orderly storage area for students that raises school spirit and student morale.


Music Department

LBS has a tremendous music program. Giving to this cause will help us make needed improvements to the quality, quantity, and selection of our musical offerings. We will purchase new and higher quality instruments and expand instrument selection and offerings for students.


Athletics Department

Our athletics department is growing. With that growth comes great needs for equipment and facilities. Giving toward this cause will help us improve both and will allow us to provide for our student athletes. With funding we will:

  • Replace scoreboards on the ball field and Student Life Center
  • Add sod to the baseball infield creating more usable field space
  • Build a crow's nest for football announcers and coaches
  • Add an additional set of bleachers
  • Build a permanent and professional concession stand
  • Install an upgraded walking and running track around the ball field
  • Install new and complete current  paved walkways to the ball field


Student Financial Aid

Every year, there are students of LBS who are unable to continue their education. They are smart, good students. They love their classes, friends, and teachers. They love learning about God. They just need a little help. Sometimes a parent loses a job and struggles to find another; sometimes a medical need, health problem, or family tragedy causes an unexpected financial burden. Whatever the reason, these children’s futures have been taken, for a moment, out of their families’ control. They are unable to afford a quality Christian education. That’s where we come in. They can’t do it, but, together, we can help. Giving toward this cause will help these needy families continue an LBS education.


General Fund

A gift to the general Giving Day fund will help the overall school budget and provide needed discretionary funds for school improvement. These funds can be used by the school to purchase supplies, materials, and other needed items for student learning. Often the school budget is focused on needs. These funds help us to go beyond and elevate our academic programs.


Join the conversation #Allin4LBS

Join the conversation #Allin4LBS