Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my donation?

Call us: 661-946-4668
Email us:
Mail a check or visit the office: Lancaster Baptist School, 4020 E. Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, CA 93535
Online: Use this website.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All payments through this website will be securely processed by Elavon.

Where will the funds go?

Your gift goes directly to Lancaster Baptist School. If you give toward a specific goal, your funds will be used to achieve the stated objectives. If you give in general, your funds will help support our academic programs and strategic vision.

Why is my payment not going through?

There can be a number for reasons for this. First, please ensure that your information is complete and accurate in the information fields. If you still experience problems, you may have to contact your card provider for more help. Trying a different payment method may help. For any further questions please contact us at